Dungeonland – Developer Diary #1 – Released

Dungeonland – Developer Diary #1 – Released

Developers’ Personal Diary Disappointingly Low on Gossip but Does Reveal Design Insight

Paradox Interactive today totally stole the personal diary from Critical Studios, the developers of Dungeonland, the upcoming co-op-action-dungeon-crawling-theme-park-chaos-thingy recently announced at GDC. The first entry in the series of private journals will detail the Dungeonland team’s philosophies in designing a game for co-op gameplay from the ground up.

Developer diaries will be stolen from the devs and showcased bi-weekly on the Paradox forum.

“When we sat down to think about what would be our first big game project, we had no bosses telling us what to do, no investors asking us questions about monetization and no marketing gurus instructing us about the latest trends. We wanted to do something we were passionate about. And we all love killing monsters with spells and medieval weaponry. We all had fond memories of taking our parties down to the Underdark, of that echoing guitar chord when we first stepped in Tristram, of not knowing what dangers would await us in the dark. So a dungeon crawler it was…”

Dungeonland is a cooperative action game where players take control of a group of adventurers in their visit to a crazy and dangerous medieval theme park. Playing as the Rogue, the Warrior, or the Mage, heroes will adventure in a classic co-op dungeon crawl, with a sinister twist: three players can play as the daring heroes, while a fourth takes on the role of Dungeonland’s Game Master, using a pool of traps and monsters to annihilate their unwelcome guests! Featuring hero customization, looting and dozens of items, Dungeonland is an amoral, atypical take on asymmetric gameplay.

Read Dungeonland Developer Diary #1 – Designing for Cooperation: here

Developer Diary #1 – Screenshots:

Announcement Trailer:

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