Naval War: Arctic Circle – Final Developer Diary #5

Naval War: Arctic Circle – Final Developer Diary #5

Modern games are more than images and rules; choosing the right music to set the tone for the experience can be as important as getting the weapon load-out on a Akula submarine correct. Games are a complete sensory experience.

In the final video developer diary from Turbo Tape Games, the Naval War: Arctic Circle development team talks about how the music of the game will capture the spirit of whatever is going on on-screen. The Bergen, Norway based developers turned to a band from their own city and worked together with the black metal artist Demonaz, most famous for his work in Immortal.

Espen Thomassen Saeverud, Senior Graphics Programmer, explains how the naval war found a perfect match in Norwegian black metal:

“We said to Demonaz that this is a game about massive steel ships fighting each other in the cold, dark Arctic. And Demonaz came right over to look at the project and he just couldn´t resist it. Fire, ice and steel. Epic confrontations between the greatest war machines ever built. The style, the music, the theme, it was all a perfect fit. That can only have one soundtrack, and that’s Demonaz’ unique metal soundtrack for Naval War: Arctic Circle.”

Dev Diary – Black Metal & Heavy Warships:


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