Akai Katana – New Gameplay Trailer

Akai Katana – New Gameplay Trailer

Rising Star Games today released an all-new trailer highlighting the action-packed gameplay of upcoming shmup (shoot ’em up) arcade game Akai Katana. Releasing later this spring exclusively for Xbox 360, Akai Katana puts the sword in players’ hands as they take on a tyrannical empire of bloodshed to restore peace and order to the world they once knew.

Akai Katana combines the adrenaline-filled gameplay of today’s bullet hell genre with the spirit of adventure offered through a true side-scrolling experience.

Akai Katana features include:

  • Gorgeous hand-drawn artwork
  • Full HD 16:9 support
  • Three modes of gameplay
    • Origin (Arcade)
    • Slash
    • Climax
  • Fully animated UI
  • Original Arcade settings (optional) for an authentic experience
  • Online leaderboards and replays
  • Local two-player co-op
  • Frantic ‘bullet hell’ action

Developed by CAVE Interactive and published by Rising Star Games, Akai Katana for Xbox 360 will be coming to North American shelves this spring.



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