Castlot – Tips To Help You Obtain More Resources

Castlot – Tips To Help You Obtain More Resources

YooGames released its 1st server ‘“Stonehenge” for Castlot on March 28, 2012 PDT. Castlot is a revolutionary strategy game with many features.

These features include: city buildings that offer the player more freedom to customize and decorate, resource collecting, hero skills that can be activated with different combinations and much more.

Resource Mine

There are four kinds of resources to collect: timber, stone, iron and crops. Players can harvest these resources by building Sawmills, Quarries, Mines and Grainfields. During the early portion of your development, players will need to harvest more timber and stones. It’s important to build two Sawmills and Quarries in order to ensure quick development.

Unique Goblin System

The Goblin System allows players not only to place a Goblin in an enemy player’s Annexed Land to steal their resources, but to also capture their Goblin by placing a Goblin case. This will allow the player to stockpile resources for city upgrades.

The game includes two goblins: Goblin and Sly Goblin. The Goblin steals resources with a lower success rate. Sly Goblin can steal resources from the Annexed Land with a 100% success rate.


Players can purchase additional resources from both the Market and Black Market. Gold can be used in Castlot to purchase certain resource items to aid you in your development. The Black Market is a great resource for certain items, but the items are not delivered immediately to your castle after being purchased.

If you utilize these features correctly, you will eventually be powerful enough to conquer your enemies and eventually the new world.

Official Castlot Website

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