Phantom Breaker – Preview Trailer

Phantom Breaker – Preview Trailer

7sixty is pleased to announce it has launched a new website for upcoming fighting game Phantom Breaker. Make sure you head to to get details on the 14 unique brawlers, videos of the fighters in action and lots more information to give you the edge when the game launches in early 2012.

What’s more, the website also includes a competition to win a special edition eightarc Fusion Sapphire tournament stick, featuring gorgeous Phantom Breaker artwork by renowned manga artist Hiro Suzuhira. The sticks are completely sold out, so this is a great opportunity to pick up something truly awesome. Imagine how cool you will look using it – you will ooze class and sexiness on a level previously unknown to man or beast.

Created by Japanese developer ‘5pb.’, Phantom Breaker tells the story of a mysterious Japanese fighting tournament organized by a shady character called Phantom, each combatant must take on a range of increasingly powerful foes with the winner gaining the opportunity to grant any wish they desire.

Players can choose from a range of fighters before opting for a quick or hard fighting style, which favor super-fast combos or stronger defense. Through well-timed attacks or blocks, the player can charge their Overdrive bar, which can be unleashed to perform speedier attacks or temporarily increase defense.

Phantom Breaker will be released in North America for the Xbox 360 in early 2012.



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