Midnight Mansion (Review) Mac

Midnight Mansion (Review) Mac

Midnight Mansion by Actionsoft is a 2D side-scroller similar to Montezuma’s Revenge. Originally released by Parker Brother’s, Montezuma’s Revenge was a unique title that had the player exploring tombs for treasure while avoiding rolling skulls and jumping over snakes. The game also had you searching for keys of different colors to unlock doors (i.e. a red door would require a red key, etc.). Midnight Mansion uses the same formula, but it expands the basic premise by adding a plethora of extras.

There are eight different Mansions to explore. Each one is full of traps, pitfalls, enemies, and treasure to collect. Puzzles come in all different forms, from trying to activate platforms with levers to trying to open various doors. Some doors may require a lever instead of a key, and these are color coded as grey. However, it’s not always as simple as pulling a single lever. Some areas may require you to pull multiple levers in a certain sequence to unlock an area. Finding the right combination can be tricky, but it’s not difficult. Most of the puzzles require some level of thinking and that adds to the game’s overall appeal.

Secrets abound in MM. What may appear as a wall could actually be an illusion. These hidden rooms may contain treasure or a key that will unlock the last door to the Mansion. Always explore your surroundings and stay on alert; creatures like skulls, spiders, scorpions, and mythical beings like medusa heads abound.

There is more to the action than just jumping from one platform to the next. Some areas have you climbing vines, riding conveyor belts, falling through false floors, and trying to navigate long hallways full of electrical beams.

What is shocking is that MM actually has some violence in it. While its not overdone as you might imagine, there are a few scenarios where our little explorer can be devoured into a bloody mess by spiders or shocked into a pile of bones. Luckily a parental control option is available to turn the violence off.

Gamers who like to brag about their scores will appreciate the online high score system. The online scoring system breaks everything down by game difficulty — easy, normal and hard — and it keeps everything organized and fair. There is also a save feature to give you an idea of how large this game is.

Midnight Mansion is worth owning even if you’re not familiar with classics like Montezuma’s Revenge. Its addictive, fun, and people of all ages can enjoy it.

Score 8 out of 10
Mike ‘STGuy1040’ Pittaro

Platform: Mac
System requirements:

  • Any PowerPC or Intel Macintosh
  • Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher
  • (Mac OS X 10.2 or higher recommended)
  • Minimum of 20 MB of free RAM

Developer: Actionsoft
Developer’swebsite (Playable demo available)

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