Free games for Europeans that purchase a PSPgo (their label, not mine)

Free games for Europeans that purchase a PSPgo (their label, not mine)

If you live in a European territory, have an older PSP with a UMD and access to the Playstation Store (and just happen to have purchased a PSPgo) you will be eligible for 3 free games between October 1st to March 31st 2010 (something about March 2010 here folks, Sony likes it for some reason, 2 AAA titles are releasing during that month too).


The PSPgo for those that don't know

Is this a good thing or a bad thing for gamers?  How will gamers be rewarded that don’t have an older PSP system to use in the verification process (it should be enough that they bought a PSPgo to get in on this offer in the first place).  Surely Sony will rectify this problem quickly and make it fair to first time PSP buyers (or those returning after selling their older system off for whatever reason).

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