Video Games Live and Why You Should be Listening

Video Games Live and Why You Should be Listening


Here at Pixel Perfect Gaming, we are no strangers to the great work done by Tommy Tallarico in videogame music and have nothing but respect for him and his current endeavors with Video Games Live.  If you haven’t heard of Tommy Tallarico, then you simply haven’t been playing videogames (if you really don’t know who he is, then please, do yourself a favor and head over to Video Games Live’s site and click on store and well, grab any of the CD’s, we recommend Tommy Tallarico: Games Greatest Hits Vol. II).
Tommy Tallarico has been in gaming since way back in the 16-Bit days (he did some of the music in Terminator for Sega CD) on up to his very recent concerts at the  Tokyo Game Show on the 21st and 22nd (press release here).

Video Games Live is something of an event with gaming music performed by orchestras, choirs and live interaction with the audience and something that shouldn’t be missed if you can attend.

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